What is DICE-LAW?

DICE-LAW is a specialized version of our original DICE platform. DICE-LAW features robust file and case management systems. This empowers all staff members to be on top of all active (and prior) cases including quick and easy access to all relevant files.

The straightforward and intuitive layout provides users with a pleasant experience without sacrificing the necessary nuts and bolts required to be an indispensable tool in any legal environment. DICE-LAW is ideal for any small to medium size firm, including sole practitioners.

The concept of case management is taken to many levels within DICE-LAW. Aside from basic reminders and case notes, users are able to create checklists, establish workflows and set up a variety of associations. Furthermore, the comments section will time/date stamp all entries along with the user who made the note. Admins have access to case history allowing them to view who did what, when and where.

This is the crown jewel of DICE-LAW. Users can easily upload files of any type to the system and associate it with a client or current case. Files can be updated at anytime. DICE-LAW will archive all prior versions of a file. Once a new file is created and uploaded, it will become easily accessible from almost every location within the DICE-LAW interface.

You and your co-workers will have immediate and detailed access to every aspect of your client list. This include basic contact information, custom information, all their cases and any file related to the client.

Features and Highlights

Intuitive Design

The intuitive layout allows everyone to jump right in and start using DICE. This ease of use factor will make everyone happy right from the start.

Who did what, when and where? With DICE you are always in the know. All changes and modifications to files, events and tasks are logged.

DICE makes it easy to share files and tasks within an organization. Even files can be modified by anyone with authorized access.

DICE can be customized from something as basic as an extra shortcut button all the way to integrating with specialized software your firm uses.

Use DICE any way you see fit. The fact is, once you get started, you and your co-workers will find uses that never even occurred to you.

As you grow, DICE will grow with you. Is your business seasonal? No problem. Expansion and contraction is a seamless process.
File Management

Easy access to files are available from a multitude of areas within DICE. The ability for others to view and modify them are an invaluable feature.

This great time saver allows anyone to associate a task or event with another. This provides others with easy access to useful information.
Tasks & Events

Easily create tasks and events that include any (or all) staff members. Powerful tools, such as the comment log, are included in this module.
Contacts & Clients

Clients and contacts can be quickly entered or uploaded even faster. Once added, they may be invited to join specific tasks.

We all have a love/hate relationship with reminders, but they are essential. DICE makes these less unpleasant by offering several types and options.

Also known as sub-tasks, checklists can be appended to open tasks, assigned to any staff member and even include a deadline.

Contact Information
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