What Is DICE?

DICE is a full-featured, robust process management system suitable for any business for a multitude of applications. DICE, an acronym for Digital Interactive & Collaborative Ecosystem, is designed with a focus on simplicity and intuitiveness without sacrificing functionality or the ability to make a huge positive impact on your organizational workflow. As implied in the name, DICE puts a strong emphasis on collaboration. Everything created within the DICE ecosystem has the ability to be shared with any or all authorized members of your company.

Features and Highlights

The intuitive layout allows everyone to jump right in and start using DICE. This ease of use factor will make everyone happy right from the start.
Who did what, when and where? With DICE you are always in the know. All changes and modifications to files, events and tasks are logged.
DICE makes it easy to share files and tasks within an organization. Even files can be modified by anyone with authorized access.
DICE can be customized from something as basic as an extra shortcut button all the way to integrating with specialized software your firm uses.
Use DICE any way you see fit. The fact is, once you get started, you and your co-workers will find uses that never even occurred to you.
As you grow, DICE will grow with you. Is your business seasonal? No problem. Expansion and contraction is a seamless process.
Manage Files
Easy access to files are available from a multitude of areas within DICE. The ability for others to view and modify them are an invaluable feature.
This great time saver allows anyone to associate a task or event with another. This provides others with easy access to useful information.
Tasks & Events
Easily create tasks and events that include any (or all) staff members. Powerful tools, such as the comment log, are included in this module.
Contacts & Clients
Clients and contacts can be quickly entered or uploaded even faster. Once added, they may be invited to join specific tasks.
We all have a love/hate relationship with reminders, but they are essential. DICE makes these less unpleasant by offering several types and options.
Also known as sub-tasks, checklists can be appended to open tasks, assigned to any staff member and even include a deadline.

Who Uses DICE?

This type of work requires a strong team approach. DICE allows all parties from the construction crew (and management) to the architects all the way to the stakeholders to always be on the same page. DICE can help broadcast problems and allow those qualified to participate in resolving them.
In the world of ecommerce, customer service is paramount. One failure to follow up on a damaged shipment can be catastrophic. DICE helps you put all your ducks in a row with the ease of creating a task and appending necessary contacts - in this instance, the courier. Doing so, allows any staff member to be up to speed on the status of the situation.
Contrary to public perception, accountants do not only work from the first of the year until the middle of April. DICE provides assistance in tackling any issue from mundane to complex all twelve months of the year. The DICE reminder system will always keep you one step ahead of Uncle Sam.
Attorneys have a lot on their plate: working with clients, battling opposing attorneys, depositions, preparing cases, filing court papers on time and so much more. Fortunately, DICE is here to help it all run smoothly. In fact, we now offer a version of DICE geared toward this very busy set of people called, none other than, DICE-LAW. Feel free to view the DICE-LAW Page.
One of the most important tasks a Real Estate Broker performs is listing a property and then selling or leasing it as quickly as possible for the highest possible price. When a busy office has a steady flow of listings coming aboard and down, confusion can set in causing mistakes to be made. In this business, a simple error can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and, more importantly, future business. DICE enables the broker and staff to know where in the selling (or lease) process each listing stands at any given moment.
With big box stores and internet behemoths steadily encroaching on the turf of traditional Brick & Mortar Retail, customer service can often be a deciding factor for many customers. DICE helps all types of retail stores keep employees on top of both individual and overall customer needs and concerns. The key is the collaborative nature of DICE that enables the staff to instantly have all details of any customer issue or request. Fast access to vendors helps in facilitating positive results.
With so many types of policies coupled with the fact each client has both unique needs and characteristics required to properly provide quotations, DICE can help keep all of this information in order. Quotes can be uploaded and then modified when necessary. DICE allows designated staff members access to information that can help a client if their primary contact is unavailable.
This is another field that often has multiple layers within a particular task. That alone is reason enough to consider DICE. Now factor in a sudden blizzard or hurricane that can trigger a multitude of concurrent issues within a short period of time and you will understand just how DICE is an indispensable tool. Furthermore, the simple and intuitive flow of DICE makes it easy for even your most non-computer-savvy employee to be actively involved on day one (maybe day two).


Even if your field (or company industry) was not specifically called out in any of the above sections, there's a good chance that DICE can help you be more productive, make fewer errors, empower your staff and help your bottom line.
This is looks perfect - I want to use DICE right away. GREAT! Let's talk. We still want to meet you and be 100% sure that DICE will be nothing less than a huge benefit for you. We also want to make sure you get the best possible value from DICE.
I'm not sure if DICE is a good fit for me. No problem! Let's talk. We'll give you a FREE evaluation to ensure that DICE is going to have nothing but an upside for you and your organization. The fact is that we go to great lengths to ensure that DICE is a perfect fit. Our goal is NOT to sell tons of subscriptions that will not be used - we are not your local gym. We truly want DICE to be a valuable part of the work you do.
I don't think DICE will be of any use to me. Okay, we understand! Still, let's talk. Since no one knows your business better than you, we would never think of telling you otherwise. However, there's nothing wrong with a little knowledge, right? Despite your initial reservations, we would still love the opportunity to meet with you and learn a little bit about what you do. From that, maybe there is something significant DICE offers that you did not see from browsing this page. If not, at least you got to dig a little deeper and see some of what's out there. Conversely, we were able to learn a something about a new business. With that knowledge, we can talk with our geeks and see if it is realistic to develop something that will in fact be a benefit down the road. Everybody wins!
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